Debt Relief

With economic uncertainty, medical bills, and job loss or job reduction so common, many people cannot afford to pay their credit card bills and other consumer debt.
Debt Relief Attorney

Debt Relief

debt-consolidation-attorney (1)There are two common ways to reduce debt: bankruptcy and debt settlement. Our law firm handles bankruptcy cases and debt settlement cases, and we will discuss our approach in this article.

Many law firms have a high-volume bankruptcy law practice. They advertise that they have filed thousands or tens of thousands of bankruptcy cases. If you hire a firm like this for your bankruptcy, you will not get to know your attorney because your attorney is too busy with his or her other 200 clients. At our law firm, we limit the number of bankruptcy cases that we take so that we can give high quality service and personalized attention to each client. We have the time to meet you, talk with you, help you with the paperwork, and to work on any issues that arise in your bankruptcy proceeding. That is one of the ways that our firm is different from most bankruptcy law firms.

We have handled hundreds of bankruptcies in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. We treat all clients in the same way– we treat them the way that we would like to be treated. We know that this is a stressful time in life and we do all that we can do to reduce the anxiety about the proceedings. We limit the number of cases that we take so that we can give personalized attention to each client. Next, we use our years of experience in bankruptcy law to look for the best ways to help each client. After we have determined the best approach to take, we discuss that plan with the bankruptcy experts in our office to implement the strategy in the most efficient manner. We prepare our clients for every step of the process—from helping with the paperwork and answering their questions to preparing them for the meeting of creditors. Finally, we keep our clients informed and give them a roadmap for the steps to take to rebuild their financial futures.

We use a team approach when helping our debt settlement clients. Our Minneapolis bankruptcy attorneys also work in debt settlement so that we can share ideas about the most effective way to settle debt. Sometimes, we can settle client’s debts early in the process—before there is any legal action taken. In some cases, we must defend our clients in court before we can reach a fair settlement with the creditors. In all of our cases, we keep our clients informed about their options; and, because we are bankruptcy lawyers, we can utilize the bankruptcy option when that is the best choice for our clients. We have a good working relationship with most creditors and their law firms. These relationships can help us reach settlements faster than other law firms.

After a person resolves his or her debt, whether through bankruptcy or debt settlement, some of these debts incorrectly remain on their credit report. A recent news story said that 20% of the debts on a credit report should not appear because they had been eliminated through the bankruptcy process. At our firm, not only can we help eliminate debt through debt settlement or bankruptcy, we can also help with credit correction so that people who need a “fresh start” will get a “fresh start”.

If you have a question about bankruptcy, credit correction, or debts, please call us or send us an email for a no-obligation consultation. We would love to hear from you.

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