How to Win a Wrongful Death Case


Wrongful death attorneys and wrongful death lawyers go to school for years in order to understand how to defend their clients in court. After all, the law is never straightforward, and not everyone is cut out to work in this field.

To win a wrongful death case, you need ample schooling, compassion for all parties involved, and an ability to think on one’s feet. In other words, to win your wrongful death case, first and foremost, you need industry professionals on your side. Trying to navigate the legal system alone is a recipe for disaster.

JD Haas Is The Team Of Professional Wrongful Death Lawyers You Need

We at JD Haas are a Minneapolis team of personal injury lawyers and personal injury attorneys. We would be privileged to take on your case. We’ve trained hard to hone our legal skills and our knowledge of the justice system. In addition, our free case evaluations indicate our compassion for people of all walks of life. No matter where you come from or who you are, we’re here to help you and to learn your story. We’ll help you achieve the fair and just treatment you and your family deserve.

Compassion Sets Us Apart

As wrongful death lawyers, we know that law is a deeply personal field. Learning people’s stories is an important part of the work. Additionally, a legal professional must tirelessly fight for their client. This is true even if the case gets complicated.

At JD Haas, we value compassion and doing the right thing. It’s how we handle every one of our wrongful death cases, as we cover in our blog. This is why we’re proud to take on some of Minnesota’s most complicated cases. Law is rarely a straightforward field, but compassion is the one thing that can see any case through to the end. No matter how difficult things get, we vow to fight for you. Always.

See The Results of Compassion for Yourself

Our approach has been immensely successful in Minnesota’s legal field and beyond. Our numerous satisfied customers indicate this. We’re proud to have served as their legal advocates during their times of need. To see exactly what those we have helped have to say, see our reviews page.

What Needs to Happen After You Seek Professional Help

In preparing for your first appointment with your lawyer, you may find yourself curious about what goes on in these types of cases. Perhaps you’re feeling a bit nervous about what you might need to discuss during your consultation. The death of a family member may still be fresh, and confronting all those emotions might be scary to you. Maybe you’re one of those people who wants to help your wrongful death lawyer get a head start.

Regardless, you’re still wondering, what will win my wrongful death case? What sorts of information will my lawyer need to do so?

We hate to disappoint you, but we cannot tell you in a blog post what information we need or what might win your particular case. No wrongful death lawyer could ever do that! Every case has its own unique circumstances that interact with a situation-specific set of regulations. Plus, laws are living and breathing things, so to speak. What information your lawyer might need to handle a particular case one year might be radically different from the next.

A well-trained and professional wrongful death lawyer will give you the specifics of what you need. If you want to get a head start on your case, simply ask about what you’ll need over the phone. You can also fill out an online form to schedule a consultation.

Evidence That Can Point Your Wrongful Death Lawyer in the Right Direction

We cannot provide specifics about what information will win your case, but we can provide generalities. Broadly speaking, the following items can help your wrongful death attorney get you the financial compensation you deserve.

Applicable Medical Bills

Depending on the case, you may be able to recover these bills, which can cover ER visits, surgeries, and other meetings with medical personnel. They play an important role in letting your wrongful death lawyer know how much, financially, is at stake in the case.

Anything That Proves Negligence

Wrongful death lawyers must prove that the presumed party at fault was negligent. They must also show that this negligence directly caused your loved one’s death. Proving that these two items occurred together can get complicated. This is especially true if the accident is not clear-cut. Any information that helps the process along is valuable.

Related Funeral Expenses

Your wrongful death attorney will want to know if you’ve paid for a funeral for your loved one. This money might be recoverable upon winning your wrongful death case. Like medical bills, this helps your lawyer to understand what you have lost as a result of this horrible incident. It is a part of learning your story.

The Role of Negligence in Winning a Wrongful Death Case

At the end of the day, your wrongful death lawyer will need to prove negligence in order to win your case. Evidence that supports it is arguably the most important of the types listed above. But what is negligence in the legal sense? How can you prove it?

We have written an entire blog on this exact topic. Read up for the full scoop. In short, negligence requires a breach in what is called a “duty of care.” A duty of care is, according to the Legal Dictionary, “the responsibility of a person or organization to take all reasonable measures necessary to prevent activities that could result in harm to other individuals and/or their property.” In other words: it’s a legal responsibility to ensure someone’s safety. If an entity fails to uphold this responsibility and your loved one dies, negligence may be at play.

Contact JD Haas For Compassionate Legal Help

You don’t deserve to suffer hardship due to something that was beyond your control. To get the gentle and attentive legal help you need, give JD Haas a call now at (952) 234-2925. In addition to Minneapolis, we also serve Rochester, Bloomington, and Saint Paul.

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