Case Results

  • $1,400,000 Verdict Brain Injury

    Our client was riding home from work on his scooter, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when a truck failed to stop for a red light and pulled right in front of our client. He hit the truck at about 25 miles per hour and fractured his leg in many places and had a brain injury. About a year later, he quit his job, where he had been happily working for ten years, in an impulsive action.

    The insurance company for the truck didn’t believe that his brain injury changed his behavior. They made offers to settle of $250,000 and later $400,000. We believed that the crash created permanent physical and psychological injuries for our client and that these offers were inadequate. Before trial, the insurance company offered $750,000 to settle the case. We talked with our client and he decided to go to trial.

    After an 8-day trial, the jury assessed damages at more than $1.2 million. With costs and prejudgment interest, the verdict rose to $1.4 million.

  • $1,000,000 Settlement Auto Accident

    Our client was driving on a Minnesota rural route when two tires flew off a nearby tractor trailer, landing immediately in his path. Though he took measures to avoid collision, they failed. Our client swerved and rolled his vehicle into the ditch at highway speed and was ejected approximately 100 feet from its landing place. Emergency services rushed our client to the local hospital where he was stabilized for airlift to the nearest level one trauma center. Our client suffered severe orthopedic injuries including a broken leg, severe hip dislocation, several broken ribs, several fractured vertebrae, and a traumatic brain injury. Several surgeries and weeks later, our client was able to return home, but was unable to return to work for some time afterward. Because of the severity of the injuries and the clarity of fault, we settled this case for policy limits of one million dollars in less than 6 months and negotiated the medical liens down to get our client as much money as possible.

  • $950,000 Settlement Auto Accident

    Our client was riding in the backseat of her grandparent’s car south of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In the opposite direction of the highway, a woman was driving northbound. The woman had a medical event and drove, head-on, into the grandparent’s car. The grandfather was killed, the grandmother was seriously injured and died from her injuries a day later, and the granddaughter in the back seat suffered serious injuries including broken bones and scarring. After starting a lawsuit for the wrongful death of the grandparents, the case settled at a mediation hearing for more than $850,000. We then represented the granddaughter for her injuries and that case settled for more than $100,000.

  • $400,000 Settlement Motorcycle Accident

    Our client was riding his motorcycle on a Minnesota rural route when a number of hay bales fell off a nearby trailer, landing immediately in his path. Though he took measures to avoid collision, they failed. Our client struck one of the bales at highway speed and died on the way to the local level one trauma center via helicopter.

    This case was referred to our firm by a Chicago, Illinois law firm because of its complexity, severity, and high possibility of trial. As part of our investigation, we hired a private accident reconstructionist early on in the process. When the insurance company tried to get dismissed from the case based on a policy exclusion, we prevailed and the case went on. Armed with this victory, our investigation findings, and the reconstruction, we settled this case shortly after mediation for $400,000. It is noteworthy that damages in this case did not include pain and suffering of the decedent, a rule that was changed via state statute in the 2023.

  • $200,000 Settlement Auto Accident

    Our client, a nurse at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, was walking on a street when a driver lost control of his vehicle and ran into her causing severe orthopedic injuries including leg fractures. She had grown up in New York state, and her family asked a New York attorney if he could refer her to a good Minnesota attorney. He referred the family to my firm. Because of the severity of her leg and arm injuries, we were able to settle the case within 4 months of receiving the case. We received the policy limits from the driver’s insurance, and the policy limits for her underinsured insurance policy. The total recover was more than $200,000. We also negotiated significant reductions in her medical insurance so that she received as much as possible. We reduced our attorney fees as well so that she could recover as much money as possible.

  • $100,000 Settlement Pedestrian Accident

    Our client was walking home from work one evening when an uninsured truck lost control and hit him, causing severe orthopedic injuries including broken ribs and massive hospital bills. Upon receiving the case, we were able to present the total medical bills along with the facts of the case to our client’s insurer and quickly receive policy limits of $100,000 from his uninsured motorist coverage.

  • $11,000 Settlement Head Injury

    Our client visited an office supply store intending to purchase an office chair. When he sat on a floor model chair, it malfunctioned and he fell backwards and hit his head on the floor. This fall resulted in a concussion and medical bills totaling over $2,000, creating a situation that demanded legal attention.

    Upon receiving the case, our firm conducted a comprehensive investigation to uncover the facts surrounding this injury. In the process, we discovered that the office supply store had a history of office chair malfunctions leading to a past successful class-action lawsuit. Armed with this knowledge, we negotiated a settlement in this matter of $11,000.