What Is Life Like After Losing a Limb? Dealing With a Traumatic Personal Injury


Life-changing loss is never easy, and familiarizing yourself with the possible future is a great first step to recovery. At JD Haas & Associates, PLLC, our personal injury attorneys represent people who have life-changing injuries from an accident or situation caused by someone else’s negligence. This includes cases with amputation injuries.

Losing a limb comes with several life adjustments. Whether you’re using a prosthetic, transitioning to a wheelchair, or learning to navigate life differently, the healing process can include many different approaches. If you lost a limb due to someone else’s negligence, such as in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, JD Haas & Associates, PLLC is here to assist with your amputation injury case.

Our lawyers have represented numerous cases with life changing injuries in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and several other states. We understand what it takes to stand by you at this difficult time, and we promise to provide expert legal guidance during your road to recovery.

Let’s take a look at some of the consequences of amputation that may qualify you for compensation, whether it’s going to court or working with insurance companies to establish a settlement.

Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are an essential part of navigating life after losing a limb. It’s critical to make sure you are healing properly and strengthening the parts of your body that may take on extra activity. This can be a difficult adjustment, but will lead to long term goals such as independent mobility or learning how to use a prosthetic ligament.

Physical therapy and rehab may take place in your home or at the hospital, depending on your situation. Either way, it requires monetary resources to pay for your care – something the person responsible for your injury should be held accountable for.

Phantom Limb Syndrome

Phantom Limb Syndrome is a common psychological effect that can happen after losing a limb. Phantom pain is when someone may experience or believe they feel the sense of pain from a recently lost limb. This can be a very real and scary thing for those who experience phantom pain.

Although some mystery lies behind it, Phantom Limb Syndrome is believed by medical professionals to be caused by the brain’s inability to reorganize after an amputation. While this may be a reality for many experiencing the loss of a limb, physical therapists can help you take the steps in order to continue healing through post traumatic stress.

Phantom Limb Syndrome is a life-changing condition, and if someone else caused your amputation injury, they owe you compensation for this. A personal injury attorney can help you collect.

Adjusting Your Daily Routines

You may find that after an amputation, one may face daily challenges that were not a concern before. Changes can be made to alleviate the amount of strain one may face. Installing ramps, reorganizing your home, installing grab bars, shower benches, etc. makes one’s home a bit more comfortable for daily life.

All of these accommodations cost money and should be considered as part of your personal injury lawsuit. You need steady support to embrace your new normal and expert legal guidance to seek monetary damages.

While you can find a way to live a normal life after amputation, it’s not wrong to believe that life will never be the same. You deserve justice for having to transform your life due to someone else’s mistakes, and a personal injury lawyer can help you feel a sense of closure by securing it.

How to Take Action If Someone Else Was Responsible for Your Amputation

If you have suffered the loss of a limb due to the negligence of another, you should take action to ensure your traumatic life changes and personal injuries do not go unconsidered. At JD Haas, we know the severity of complex personal injuries, and want to help you seek justice.

Our experienced and caring legal team will sit down, listen, and take the necessary steps to help you move forward. Finalizing the legal process may help you process the mental, financial, and other various strains that come with a traumatic loss.

Let us be your advocate every step of the way!

Dealing With Life After Losing a Limb? Call JD Haas & Associates

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