JD Haas Named Among the Best Car Accident Lawyers in Bloomington for 2021


JD Haas Named Among the Best Car Accident Lawyers in Bloomington for 2021

According to Expertise.com, the team at JD Haas was named one of the best Bloomington car accident lawyers for the year 2021. We are truly honored to accept this award! Serving those in need has always been our top priority, and we’re thrilled to be given the publicity which allows us to extend our reach.

What Makes the Best Car Accident Lawyer?

According to Expertise, this award was based off of five categories:

●        Availability – This is the quality of being “approachable and responsive.” It helps to ensure customers know that the law company in question truly cares about their needs.

●        Qualifications – This reflects how many pertinent awards the car accident lawyer has to their name, which reflects their intellect and quality of service.

●        Reputation – This refers to the history the given car accident attorney has built up – how many customers they’ve helped, for example.

●        Experience – Combining on-the-job know-how and previous education, this category assesses the background of the truck accident lawyer to determine their likelihood to bring you great service.

●        Professionalism – Honesty, reliability, and respect: that’s how Expertise.com describes this category. It’s basically the ethical caliber at which the truck accident lawyer does business.

Why JD Haas Scores High

We at JD Haas have always strived to embody those five values even before being officially recognized for it. Aside from our compassion, the hallmark trait that sets us apart as a team of car crash injury lawyers, we’ve structured our business around these pillars of character, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


We answer our phones 24 hours a day! As injury lawyers, we know that your legal needs don’t necessarily constrain themselves to business hours, so our services shouldn’t, either.


Our accoladed team shines in the category of qualifications. JD Haas himself was the recipient of the 2013 and the 2014 Torch Awards for Ethics, has been named a lifetime top 100 lawyer in the state of Minnesota, was the winner of the 2014 Housing Court Attorney of the Year – the list goes on and on. His success has helped us earn a place as one of Bloomington’s top car accident lawyers.


Our many five-star reviews prove our community commitment. Want a taste of our good reputation? Just check out our numerous top-tier reviews from people just like you.


Our lawyers have vast experience in multiple fields. From working as car injury lawyers to serving those affected by animal attacks, our team’s wide field of knowledge lets us take an out-of-the-box approach to your case.

Plus, our crew’s education includes both required schooling and years of on-the-job work – sometimes on the opposite side of the cases of the customers we now represent, which gives us unique insight.


Compassion, to us, is professionalism. Showing sympathy for another human being is the utmost form of respect, and it’s something that we at JD Haas practice each and every day. We work hard to truly get to know you and your story because you deserve nothing less.

Contact JD Haas Today and Work With Some of the Top Car Injury Lawyers in Bloomington

When you or your loved one has justice on the line, make sure you receive it with Bloomington’s best. Give JD Haas a call today at (952) 234-2925, or click here for a no-strings-attached free case evaluation. In addition to Bloomington, we also serve Rochester, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul.

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