The Process of Handling a Personal Injury Case From Start to Finish


The Process of Handling a Personal Injury Case From Start to Finish

We at JD Haas take pride in our compassionate approach when it comes to our jobs as personal injury lawyers. Every case, every family that we help, is different, and each one requires a slightly different approach—not only from a legal standpoint, but from a personal one, too; everyone deals with stress differently, after all.

That being said, many personal injury attorney clients take comfort in knowing roughly what their case will look like from beginning to settlement. Personal injury cases do tend to follow a rough timeline, luckily, which we’re happy to share below.

Information Gathering

Once you’ve consulted with us and we’ve taken on your case, we’ll set up an interview with you to learn all we can about the incident—and you. This process is incredibly in-depth; for example, we must know about any pre-existing medical conditions that may have been in play far before the accident.

We’ll also take a look at medical bills to properly assess the volume of a potential settlement. We’ll investigate the treatments you were recommended, as well, so as to keep your case accurate and to refine our approach to suit your needs.

Moving Forward Legally

Depending on whether you choose to settle with an insurance company or take a case to court, the legal road forks here. We’ll be happy to advise you, after we gather information, which path will be more beneficial—though sometimes we can tell much earlier in the process.

Seeking an Insurance Settlement

If the option to go to court isn’t beneficial, your injury lawyer may work with insurance companies instead. They’ll do business with both the opposing party’s insurance and yours (if the latter is applicable), demanding a settlement and negotiating for the best one with the claims adjuster. Your case might end here and never reach court.

Going to Court

If it will be more financially beneficial at any stage of the process, your injury attorney may advise that you take your case to court, a process also called “litigation.” Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of different courts that handle plenty of different types of cases; your injury attorney will help you find the one that fits.

Using undeniable facts, your attorney will make the case that the opposing party was negligent and breached a duty of care, thus proving that you deserve financial compensation.

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