All you Need to Know About Arbitration in Car Crash Cases


All you Need to Know About Arbitration in Car Crash Cases

The legal world is filled with terms that will be unfamiliar to the layperson; they call the lingo legalese for a reason! Unfortunately, though, struggling to interpret all this technical jargon can mean a major headache at best and a lost case at worst—and the latter of which can cost you big time in terms of finances and peace of mind.

JD Haas, your Minneapolis team of car crash injury lawyers and personal injury attorneys, is here to make the legal experience easier for you—one term and one step at a time. Below, we’ll outline arbitration, a common occurrence in auto injury cases whose definition is anything but straightforward.

Arbitration Defined by an Injury Lawyer

Arbitration is anything but an arbitrary process; it plays a huge role in how much of a settlement you can get from your car crash case. Simply put, it’s a procedure accomplished out of court in which you and an insurance company settle for money with the help of a neutral third party. This neutral party often is a member of the American Arbitration Association.

People often pursue arbitration instead of a court case for a variety of reasons. For one, it’s often quicker to set up than a court appointment. If you’re in need of money in a reasonably small timeframe, it might be the smarter option than using the court system. Secondly, in arbitration cases, you have a slight bit of control over who the arbitrator is, while you have no such influence in the courtroom.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney for Arbitration?

Arbitration might seem less intimidating to you than a court case; after all, you aren’t going up in front of a massive jury! But as injury lawyers ourselves, we at JD Haas know that there’s just as much at stake in the process, if not more. We therefore always recommend you get an attorney to help you put an arbitration case together.

There Are No Appeals

In an arbitration case, what the original results are is legally binding—unlike in a court case, there is no ability to appeal the ruling. This means that you get one shot to provide your evidence and convince the neutral party of your view. An injury lawyer can help you get your first attempt perfect.

It’s Similar to Court

Arbitration involves many of the same things that a “true” legal court procedure does: collecting evidence and documents and answering tough questions under pressure, for example. An attorney can help you get your case in order so that you can perform comfortably and confidently during the process.

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