How Compassion Helps us Handle Your Personal Injury Case Right


How Compassion Helps us Handle Your Personal Injury Case Right

The law has a reputation for being cold and clean-cut, but our team at JD Haas knows that those who practice it should be anything but. During our many years as personal injury lawyers, we’ve always put compassion first and taken the time to get to know our clients and their stories, and that helps us handle personal injury cases in the way they should be handled: gently and deftly.

We Always Hear You

As injury attorneys, we handle cases like yours each and every day, but that hasn’t dulled us to the world or given us compassion fatigue. We remain sympathetic to the plights of whom we serve. You’ve just been wrongfully injured! That’s not something anyone should turn a blind eye to, and we’ll do everything we can to help you through emotionally.

●        Because we have a history of pro-bono work, you know we have an ongoing and selfless concern for those in need.

●        In our injury lawyer reviews, satisfied clients attest to our strong desire to support and encourage.

●        By prioritizing relationships with clients, we become a legal team that you can lean on.

When you make a call to JD Haas, you’re not just getting excellent legal help. You’re getting closure, support, and help through difficulty. That’s an integral part of securing emotional peace in the wake of your personal injury case and an integral part of your personal injury attorney doing the job right.

Compassion Gets You Unparalleled Service

Because we care, we’re driven—there’s no way around it. Our clients enjoy some of the best legal service in the business. In fact, we were recently named among one of Bloomington’s best for car crash injury lawyers, which demonstrates that we don’t just have a history of motivation, but also that we continue to show it to this day.

Compassion Gets You Versatility

Because we care, we don’t just take cases to court. Even people who simply need help with insurance settlements as a result of personal injury can benefit from our help. We’ll happily serve as the liaison between those in need and an applicable insurance company, standing up for you, dodging loopholes, and getting you the settlement you deserve.

JD Haas: Here for You When You Need It Most

Also because we care, we offer free case evaluations, so you don’t need to pay simply to discover we’re unable to help you. Click here to submit a request for one.

Otherwise, we answer our phones twenty-four hours a day. When you need legal help that cares about what you’re going through, you know who to call. Reach our Minneapolis office now at (952) 234-2925. We also serve Bloomington, Saint Paul, and Rochester.

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