The Basics of North Dakota Personal Injury Law


The Basics of North Dakota Personal Injury Law

Experiencing a life-altering injury or losing someone you love to the negligence and wrongdoing of another is a complex and burdensome matter. It is difficult to know where and how to start the process of litigation.

JD Haas & Associates is here to guide you through the primary personal injury information you may need to know in the state of North Dakota!

North Dakota’s Statute of Limitations

Statutes of limitations are laws set in place to determine the maximum amount of time one has to initiate legal matters from the time of the incident. The nature of the incident typically changes the amount of time one has to start the legal process.

In the state of North Dakota, you have six years to file for both personal injury and property damages claims. A common misconception is that the legal process should be finished within six years, but you have a full six years to file paperwork with the court!

Be mindful that after the statute of limitations has passed, the disputing party can no longer take action. If you or someone you know falls into the six-year statute, JD Haas’ caring and qualified legal team is here for you and can lead you through the next steps in North Dakota!

Hiring a Lawyer in the State of North Dakota

Suppose you or someone close to you has experienced a traumatizing and life-altering pedestrian accident, motor vehicle accident, or wrongful death. In that case, JD Haas recommends taking steps toward justice and a more hopeful future.

Taking the next steps to start the legal process may be daunting, but the initial relief of moving forward may be closer than you think!

In the state of North Dakota, JD Haas will meet with you free of charge and with zero obligation to move forward! We are here to sit down with you, hear your case, and provide you with a proper case evaluation to help you understand your personal injury case a little more!

Contact Our Qualified and Caring Legal Team Today!

Now that you know a bit more about personal injury law in North Dakota, JD Haas & Associates wants to help you move forward from a bad situation! Call us today at (952) 234-2925 or contact us online for a free case evaluation!

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