Why Compassion is Paramount for Wrongful Death Lawyers


When many people think about lawyers, compassion isn’t usually the first characteristic that comes to mind. Indeed, media portrayals generally show those who work in this field as coldhearted, logic-loving, and without a single shred of humanity. Of course, you probably know that these portrayals are nothing like reality. Why would there continue to be so many lawyers practicing these days if the career required they completely remove themselves from their ethical conscience? However, at JD Haas, we believe that the very trait that media portrayals seem to go out of their way to show that lawyers don’t have is the one they must-have when it comes to real-life cases. Compassion is an integral part of what it means to be an ethical and skilled wrongful death attorney or a snappy wrongful death lawyer, one who can serve their clients to the best degree possible.

Discover Why Compassion Is Important For Wrongful Death Lawyers

Everyone deserves a fair chance at justice. Just check out the Fifth and Sixth Amendments of the United States’ Constitution—our country is governed by these ideals! Arguably, the job of a personal injury lawyer is to give every client they come into contact with this shot at justice that they are entitled to.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, not everyone has the money to pay for a personal injury lawyer or a personal injury attorney to help them with the legal process every step of the way and to answer their questions and offer advice regarding the best course of action. If a wrongful death attorney is truly ethical and compassionate, they will hold true to their duty to justice and consider volunteer work. Without this compassion, the wrongful death lawyer would not fulfill their full potential of helping as many people as possible have their fair chance under the law. They’d also miss out on valuable experiences and on cases that challenge them as a lawyer. In sum, a cold wrongful death lawyer is one who is both not reaching their potential and not actively investing in their training. Talk about a slacker, in any sense of the word!

Of course, then, you, as a consumer, don’t want this—you’d seek a compassionate wrongful death lawyer, like JD Haas, who has done volunteer work both as a way to help those in need and to challenge and hone their skills as a lawyer. You’d get better service, as well as the assurance that your lawyer truly cares about your case. You are a person in need, after all!

Indeed, the fact that your lawyer-of-choice is compassionate guarantees you better service in more ways than one.

●        They’ll be driven by passion, not money, which yields a better legal performance | We all know that if we’re doing what truly moves us, instead of what merely pays us, we’re bound to do better at the job. Compassionate lawyers are driven to help people through the legal system more so than being paid (hence why they’re also likely to do the volunteer work that we touched on earlier). When you invest in the services of a wrongful death lawyer who runs on compassion, you’re investing in the power of passion, in an infallible drive to do what’s right and help the helpless—you’re investing in something you can count on.

●        They'll be bound to pay more attention to the finer details of your case, which results in great service | Compassionate wrongful death lawyers see every client as an individual. They seek to pursue justice on a case-by-case basis, day in and day out. A compassionate lawyer is truly detail-oriented, stopping at nothing to fully understand the ins and outs of what happened, what evidence is available, and who was at what place when. They’re never “too busy,” and they’re never “running behind.” They’ll discover every tiny aspect of your case and add it up to make a coherent bigger picture, all because they truly care about you—because they’re compassionate. It’s this compassion that enables them to collect the copious amounts of evidence often required to secure a client’s case.

●        They’re just pleasant to work with | If you’re dealing with a wrongful death case,  you’re no doubt in quite the emotional turmoil. Compassionate wrongful death lawyers understand this and take strides to be as flexible, gentle, and kind as possible. You’re going through a tough time; a compassionate wrongful death lawyer will help you find closure, not needle you with insensitive questions, or raise their voice in any way, shape, or form.

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