Addressing Your Concerns About Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer


Addressing Your Concerns About Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

After you’ve been injured is a stressful time that’s filled with questions—and one of those questions, no doubt, involves whether or not you should hire a personal injury lawyer to take legal action. We don’t blame you for having questions or doubts; after all, the legal field is multifaceted, nuanced, and overall complicated.

But that’s why we at JD Haas, a team of injury lawyers, are here to help. Since we opened our doors as a firm we have strived to provide nothing but the utmost in support for our clientele, answering their questions and seeing them through troubling times.

Below, we’ll address a few common concerns that may crop up when you debate hiring legal help.

Concern One: Hiring Legal Help Is too Much Money

No doubt you’re bust paying off medical bills and biding time until you can get back to work. Right now, frugality is of the highest concern—hence your worries that the legal help you need may be out of your budget.

This is a common thought, but it’s not always an accurate one. For example, we at JD Haas offer free case evaluations, meaning it costs nothing for a professional injury attorney to hear your story and conclude if you may have a winnable case. With the help of a skilled personal injury attorney, too, you can recover the damages that right now have your hands tied, such as pertinent medical bills and the emotional weight of the loss of companionship.

Concern Two: Hiring Legal Help Will Drag Up Bad Memories

You’ll of course need to talk about your personal injury case with your injury lawyer so that they have the information needed to work through your case. However, the right legal professional will treat you with the highest degree of care and compassion, taking time to listen to your story and hear you out.

Indeed, compassion is critical for any good personal injury lawyer to practice; check out our blog on the subject: “How Compassion Helps Us Handle Your Personal Injury Case Right.”

Concern Three: Hiring Legal Help Has to Lead to a Court Case

Some personal injury sufferers want to go to court, but for those who don’t, the process can seem drawn-out and far too lengthy for their tastes. Luckily, going to court isn’t the only option when it comes to handling a personal injury case. Working with an insurance company and an arbitrator is also an option, and it tends to go far more quickly than court. Take a look at our blog “All you Need to Know About Arbitration in Car Crash Cases” to learn more about this alternative route to justice.

JD Haas: The Legal Help you Need, the Compassion you Deserve

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